Movies in Marts

Okay, so I am trying to write this in english because I want to test out whether this would work or not.

I thought that I would write down a list about the movies that I would like to watch this month. So, I took my time looking through the cinemas in my area in order to find out and wrote down a short list of movies. Now, this isn’t a nailed bucket list that says that I have to watch them all. It is more a list of movies that I think would be interesting to watch. That also means I may put more movies into it if I discover it might be worth watching them. Without any further ado, here is my list:

It just came out and reviews says it is a great movie. I am looking forward to the last movie staring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and hopefully I won’t be disappointed.

Mesteren (Danish Movie)

Danish movie that received mixed review. Still I thought I would try to watch some more danish movies. I usually prefer foreign movies because danish movies are usually either bad bad comedies or just to focused on small topics.


An animation movie from Disney Studios. I heard this was really good, so why not go watch it?

Aminas Breve (Danish Movie)

Another danish movie…

Beauty and the Beast

I am not the most excited person about this whole “renew-the-old-classics”-strategy from Disney. But since I grew up watching these movies I will probably go and see them anyway.

Dan Dream (Danish Movie)

I have never been a fan of Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam but my curiosity is still strong enough to be tempted to watch a movie that is actually outside the Klovn-universe.

Patriots Day

Don’t know much about it but everything is better with Bacon, right?

Kong: Skull Island

The new take on King Kong. Already now the reviews has been rather bad, but we’ll see. Grrrr…


Yes, who doesn’t like an old school “mysterious-alien-tries-to-kill-everbody-on-a-spaceship”-movie?!

Get Out

Originally not a movie that the cinemas in Denmark were interested in showing. Of course, with good reviews follows potential for earning money. But I don’t care about that, I am just amazed that it will be shown in cinemas and I am looking very much forward to watch it.

Power Rangers

Ahem, I am never watched the show and I don’t understand what so special about these flimsy suits. I suppose it is nostalgic for some. I will still watch it in the hope of being turned…Go Go Power Rangers!

Don’t know much about it, but it sounded interesting.


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