Trailer Talk: Alien – Covenant


So a new trailer for Alien – Covenant has been out for some days. I have watched both the first and the second trailer but I must admit that my expectations for this movie is falling quite low. At first, when I heard that we were getting a new Alien-movie that wasn’t another Prometheus I was kind of intrigued. I was really looking forward to this and with the first trailer I was like: “Sure, this looks pretty okay. Let’s go with it.”


However, after watching the second trailer a couple of times, I am not really sure that the outcome of this will be good anymore. There is just too much of the things we have already seen in previous Alien-movies. I completely understand that there might be a certain kind of storystructure that Ridley Scott wants to follow but I also think that if he doesn’t have anything new to add then maybe he shouldn’t make another Alien-movie. I mean, the problem with the Alien-franchise is that there is a feeling of having explored everything within the Alien-universe. We had movies, books, graphic novels, and quite a few video games. What else is there to explore? The first movie was psychological terror, the second movie was more of a monster-horror movie but it was executed well with great symbolism. And after the first two movies we got all over the place with religion, action, and strange mythology. The video-games gave us the opportunity to experience how it is to be in an Alien-movie. There just doesn’t seem to be any more stories to tell.

But let us look at the new trailer that came out a few days ago:

So here are my immediate thoughts:

Now, the first thing I would like to say is that I really dislike the trailer showing us so much of the Alien. I had hoped for a movie that would kind of return to the first movie and have more psychological terror, like fear of the unknown, the monster hiding and sneaking around. It just gives more tension than if it was just a monster movie.
I know a some people also criticizes the CGI-alien and thinks they should use the “mechanical” aliens for special effects. Honestly, I don’t put much thought to that because we don’t know enough about the movie. Maybe they actually use a mix computeranimated Aliens and practical effects. We don’t know.

If we look at the whole story we get from the trailer then I would say that it just lives up to my negative expectations. Sure, we might be exploring a new planet and having new characters, but there is just too much of what we have already seen in previous Alien-movies. A bunch “explorers” lands on strange planet, facehuggers!, alien burst out of human body, screams, blood, hectic running, more screams…

I know! This is a trailer. Maybe this is the way want to sell the movie by showing us things we loved from previous alien films, making us want to go in the hope of reliving some nostalgic moments. But you know, there is also the thing called “predictable”. What kills a good horror- movie, or actually any kind of story, is when it becomes predictable. Unfortunately, that is the feeling I get about this movie when watching the trailer. This is going to be a predictable mess, maybe entertaining mess, but the one without surprises. But as I said, maybe this is just a trailer thing and the movie will be awesome. At least we won’t have another disaster like Aliens vs. Predator. Ridley Scott disliked those abominations with good reason.

So, I will probably still watch the movie but I do have a lot of reservations. It looks like it will be a repeat of what we already have seen in the franchise but if it is just nice, decent, sci-fi horror-movie I would be glad. I hope for more “sneaky-horror” but we’ll see.


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