Trailer Talk: Deadpool 2

So, we just got the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Deadpool 2 movie. But before I go into that, I would like to make a statement which might be quite unpopular. However, I do feel I have to be honest about this.

Ookay…here it goes:


I did not like the first Deadpool-movie!


Yes, I disliked it. I disliked it a lot. When I watched it I was stunned at how low the humour was. I know that much of it was intentional. But it was so extreme that at some point it totally lost its charm. Okay, honestly, I felt it lost its charm 20 minuttes into the movie. It relied so much on sex-jokes and toilet-humour that I felt I had just walked into some teenage, puberty stream that I could not see the whole point of the movie.


It is funny because everybody else seemed to like this movie. When I was at the cinema and watching Deadpool everybody around me seemed to be laughing. Almost at all the jokes. And it was quite embarrasing sitting there in a crowded hall (the movie had just come out) being surrounded by constant laugher and me who just sat there in the dark trying to survive the movie…!


Now, I have always believed that sex and violence in movies are liked spiced food. Add a proper amount and the movie can become excellent. Add too much and it becomes unwatchable. Now, we all have different tastes but the movie was so far out and overdosed with sex-jokes that I felt a constant cringe watching it.


Yes, I had to get that out of my system. And rottentomatoes can rot for all I know because it says the following about Deadpool:


“Fast, funny, and gleefully profane, the fourth-wall-busting Deadpool subverts superhero film formula with wildly entertaining — and decidedly non-family-friendly — results.”


No! Just no! Gleefully profane?! Whaaat…!?


Now, you have to trust me on this. I am not a conservative religious guy who tries to protect my family from all the evil of violent video games and profane movies. The whole thing is just that Deadpool was not funny. It went too far and came out as a silly attempt at making a mockery of superhero-movies. I just wish it had been a more intelligent movie. It was not bottomline. If you are teenageboy with puberty “issues”…be my guest. Go watch the movie. Just don’t tell me it is intelligent and funny.


Anyway, rant it is over. Let’s go take a look on the Deadpool 2 teaser trailer.



So, what we got here was…really nothing. I am not even sure if this scene would be in the real movie or this is just a promo-video they made to show “hey, guys, we can still be funny!”. It didn’t tell us anything about what to expect other than the same silliness from the first movie. Due, maybe that is just it. I really want to write more about this. I really want to say more but there is just nothing to say. It is Deadpool changing into his costume in a phonebooth, Stanley saying “nice suit!”, and a dead old man lying on the street. And then Deadpool saying random nonsense followed by a long mockery-text about “The Old Man and The Sea”.


Yeah! It’s amazing! I really want to go watch movie, right now! Take my money…!



This blog was written and sponsored by my own silliness. If you didn’t like it feel free to hate it and despise it like cheap haggis lying on a kitchen table on a warm summerday. Enjoy!



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