Movie Review: Kong – Skull Island


Kong: Skull Island directed by Jordan Vogt-Robbers and starring Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larson.
Let me say this: Wow! This movie really split the critics. My favorite critics, that I listened to a lot, did not like this movie. They thought it was cheap and poorly made. However, Rotten Tomatoes says an impressive 82 % at the moment. Also in my country the usual critics in the newspapers are devided and gives anything from 2 stars to 5 stars. My opinion? I liked this movie!

It was fun, it was entertaining, there were plenty of good action. The jokes were quite funny and there was just this underlying humor all the way through the movie. You could really feel that this movie didn’t take itself so seriously but made a few winks towards the overproportioned seriousness that japanese monster movies had. The dialouge and script was intentionally made silly and I loved it. I was totally surprised because I had expected a more serious tone, but when it kind of just went down the fun action-movie road, I bought into the premise of the movie.

I also liked the style that it took place in the 1970’s with the Vietnam War in the background and the whole track that took some of the music from the age. I am a historian, so of course I love it when they chose images from that age and use it as a setting.

It is true though that the characters are extremely superficial but I didn’t mind it at all because I don’t think it was the purpose of this movie. It was build as a fun monster movie; not to be a character movie with an intelligent plot. So even with big names, I don’t mind that their talents wasn’t put to good use. They probably had fun making the movie anyway.

And my God, did Kong just own that Island! Already from the beginning you just feel this is Kong’s movie. He’s king of Skull Island. And no puny human is going to mess with his island!


Now this is the third movie about King Kong that I have watched. The first was the old one…you know, the one in black and white and where the monsters were dolls. It is still a pretty solid movie I enjoy even when it is from 1933:


The second was Peter Jacksons King Kong which was a drag and bore most of the movie. Jackson tried to copy the old movie but ended up with a 3 hours boring feast of CGI fights and dull moments.


I totally liked this movie much more than Jackson’s attempt. It was more fun than Jackson’s King Kong ever touched my heart and emotions.
But we do get to watch these battle scenes and they are not a drag, you hear me Mr. Jackson. This is how you do monster fights. Watch this movie a learn from it!


There is plenty of criticism for this movie. Especially the fanboys and geeks has problems with it. It goes from the latest Godzilla movie was better, King Kong wasn’t in enough, the characters were shallow, the humour fell flat, editing was bad, they copy Marvels attempts of making a series…etc. Missing the point, guys. This was a brain-dead action-monstermovie. Not an attempt of trying to become a classic or winning an Academy Award. But for what it was, it was definetely fun and I had much more fun watching this than Jackson’s had even if Peter Jackson’s movie had more deeper thoughts.

I will give Kong: Skull Island a solid 7 because it was a fun ride. It might not be very deep but it doesn’t have to be. Instead you should enjoy it for what is it – Brainless action-monster movie. Look at it on the bright side, it could have been a lot worse.



From one monster to another. Beauty and the Beast is going to come out soon. Well, that will probably be one monster movie where Samuel L. Jackson isn’t present. That guy is in almost any movie now a days.


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