Star Wars: The Last Jedi – A forgettable experience

The first teaser trailer for the new Star Wars trailer is out and the Internet went totally wild about it. People coming up with praise for the trailer and enourmous speculation about what Skywalkers “it is time for the Jedi…to end” all means. Plenty of theories has already been written and talked about though most sensible people will probably recognize that he means that it is time for the old Jedi Order to end. So let’s just trash the whole “Skywalker is evil” or “Skywalker is Snoke, so he dresses up like an overgrown zombie-alien when he communicates with the First Order in front of a holo-camera.”

Let’s get it out: Yes, the new teaser trailer was pretty good because it sparked interest but it was also incredible forgettable. I had totally forgot it the day after its release because it shows us nothing execpt what we already would expect from the new movie: That Rey is being trained by Luke Skywalker, that Luke is disillusioned, that we will get spacebattles and ground battles. There was no surprise in it. So funny enough, there is nothing to talk about in this trailer. Sure you can nitty pick everything out of it. Like why is Rey breathing heavily?; why is Rey saying Light, Dark, Balance? Why is Kylo Rens mask destroyed? Why is Jar Jar not in the trailer…? Where is Anakin Skywalker’s ghost…? Why did they even make this silly teaser trailer…? Because the fanboys (and girls) needs to be stimulated since we know that if they don’t get this trailer out they would totally and utterly forget that a new Star Wars movie is coming out in December…sarcasm intended.

So, yes, I enjoyed it the first time I saw it; was okay the second time I saw it; and totally forgot it after the third time because there is essentially nothing in this trailer. I hope next time we will get a real trailer even if it first comes in september, so that we can actually discuss our expectations for the new movie. But if I know Disney right we will probably get another teaser trailer in the summer that shows us nothing…

I hope the movie won’t be like that. But damn, all this commercial crap is really getting on my nerves.




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