A simple blog with about movies and graphic novels. I am not an “expert” but merely a guy who loves giving his honest opinon about stuff. My posts are in danish but in the future I might write them in english, just for the sake of practicing it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

My rating system is based on the danish school grade-system which has a span of 12 as top-grade to -03 as the bottom grade. Here is a short overview of the grades:

12 = Only given to a movie/book with classic status or potential classic status.

10 = Very good movie/book that shows a high mastery of all the aspects of making a good movie/book within its genre.

7 = A good movie/book showing solid mastery of its genre.

4 = A fair movie/book showing some command of its genre.

2 = A movie/book that just meets the essential requirements within its genre.

00 = Fails in both understanding and excution of the movie/book within its genre.

-03 = Utter trash, unwatchable, hogwash etc.. You know the drill…